COVID-19 Vaccination PMO

COVID-19 Vaccination PMO

Project Overview

Program developed during COVID-19 pandemic to administer vaccines, while avoiding waste and maintaining a high level of patient experience.

Project Challenges

Establish a PMO to oversee the national COVID-19 vaccination program to ensure wide coverage and accessibility to COVID-19 vaccine for everyone across the Kingdom to reach herd immunity as soon as possible and to avoid a rebound in the number of cases.


The Outcome

Over 47 million vaccine doses administered representing 70% of the total population with 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, with minimal waste and high level of patient experience

Over 480 vaccine centers distributed across the kingdom with close monitoring of stock, appointments, uptake, customer experience, clinical training and operations

Opened over 500 k appointments per day to cover high demand and meet targets

Reached both 50% and 70% targets prior to the national and international deadlines by operating 3 war rooms around the clock including weekends

60M+ doses of vaccine administered with minimal waste and high level of patient experience with network of 700 sites and 500K daily capacity

how we did it?

The approach

  • Deployment of a central PMO to oversee the program wing to wing with robust governance
  • Developed an overarching strategy and capacity plan 
  • Analytics and digital enablement driving visibility on performance 
  • Supported a clear and transparent public awareness campaign 
  • Developed clinical guidelines for the program 
  • Worked in conjunction with key stakeholders (i.e. operators, supply chain and MOH entities) to ensure that the necessary policies, plans and standard operating procedures are established
  • Support the planning and establishment of vaccine centers ensuring geographic coverage and a seamless customer journey and experience
  • Enable proper customer service via MoH 937 channel with live Q&A and report analysis and complain resolution
  • Overlook the participation of non-MoH public & private to increase coverage and capacity and expedite delivering on targets
  • Deploy a ticketing system for effective governance and robust operations

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  • COVID-19 Vaccination PMO

    Program developed during COVID-19 pandemic to administer vaccines, while avoiding waste and maintaining a high level of patient experience.

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