National COVID-19 Mass Testing Program

National COVID-19 Mass Testing Program

Project Challenges

Support MOH to design and implement a COVID-19 mass screening program to be scaled across the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia with the goal of screening over 10 million citizens within 6 months of launch and ultimately better contain the spread of COVID-19 in Saudi, leading to lowering the mortality from the disease as well as socio-economic impact


The Outcome

The project resulted in rolling out the process and best practices throughout the Kingdom within a short timeframe, achieving the following:

9 mega drive through testing centers

12 mini drive through testing centers across the Kingdom

5 dedicated labs operated by BGI

60,000 COVID-19 PCR tests daily capacity

92% Patient Experience Mean Score

how we did it?

The approach

  • Program management, established SOPs and governance model, onboarding and oversaw operational partners
  • Integrated digital thread built across the clinical pathway and patient journey
  • Integrated diverse, global and local perspectives and standards of excellence
  • Focus on Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction to ensure quality of care standardization and outcomes from the program.
  • Delivered high-quality outputs under tight timelines through continuous communication, collaboration and transparency
  • Deployment of a Live PMO War Room to ensure issues are addressed on an urgent basis, services are best in class and operations uninterrupted.

Other Projects

  • Resource Control Centers (RCC)

    The MOH National Healthcare Command Center (NHCC) was established in 2019 in Riyadh as a central hub collating and visualizing data and insights utilizing artificial intelligence and human action and to lead in data-driven healthcare to reach a sustainable healthcare system NHCC has been instrumental during Covid-19 to provide the MOH and other government entities with the required analytics, predictions and recommendations to manage capacity and demand.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccination PMO

    Program developed during COVID-19 pandemic to administer vaccines, while avoiding waste and maintaining a high level of patient experience.

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  • Seha Virtual Hospital (SVH)

    Implementation of a virtual care, operations and change management program, and a further development of Hospital at Home use case.

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  • Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) – Alazhari PHC, Madinah

    The Ministry of Health launched an enhancement program that aims to improve the quality, access, and cost at ..

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  • NPHIES Onboarding CM Program

    The Council of Health Insurance (CHI) and the National Centre for Health Information (NHIC) under the auspices of the Ministry of Health (MOH),

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  • Transformation of the National Health Support Services

    The MOH chose Ascend Solutions as a partner to lead the transformation, in a phased approach, from the legacy model

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  • Wasfaty Operations Center

    The scope of work included  the current situation and to anticipate and respond to emerging circumstances, improving the efficiency of care delivery and enabling supply chain efficiency through integrated processes and enhanced information.

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  • Jeddah Park Health

    The challenge… Jeddah Park is establishing the largest mixed-use …

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  • National COVID-19 Mass Testing Program

    COVID-19 Mass Testing Program established with the main target of rolling out the process and best practices throughout the Kingdom within a short timeframe achieved