Ascend Kick-Off 2023

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Ascend Kick-off 2023: we are ready for success

On the first week of January, Ascend Solution‘s held the 2023 Kick-Off meeting, the ideal moment to gather as a company and share our vision and goals for this year, on every service area we manage.

During an 8-hour session, all Ascend employees had the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of 2022, but also, and most importantly, to make sure we are all set up for success to make this year as exceptional as 2022, and why not, make it even better.

Our most important asset is our talent, so we took time to appreciate it. We recognized our most outstanding employees for demonstrating their commitment with our company and our clients throughout the previous year. We also shared our joy with the Ascender’s families, as we strongly believe they are part of us.

At Ascend, we strive for a remarkable 2023.